When it comes to workplace training, there is no one-size fits all approach. As an experienced workplace culture coach and trainer, I create a tailored leadership and management training program to suit the needs of the individuals and teams within your organisation – to build a better company culture and work practices and improve the bottom line results for your business.

Having a positive, open team is the key to running a successful business, but it’s also a very difficult one to get right. I more often than not see workplaces – and businesses – falling apart due to toxic, clashing team environments where voices are not heard and trust is not present.

A distrusting and uncommunicative team culture is often the breaking point of most businesses; you begin to see long term staff resigning without a valid reason, while the quality of work produced dramatically reduces and individuals stop caring about customer satisfaction.

The good news is that I can help. Through my experience as a Workplace Culture Coach and Trainer, I work with business owners and managers to develop better workplace practices and create an environment that individuals are once again proud to be a part of.

Working with business leaders, I help you to understand the immense power of self-awareness and well-developed conversational know how, coaching you on shifting workplace relationships from toxic to trusting. This translates into happier, loyal staff and significant improvements to productivity and profit.

My leadership and management training programs will leave you feeling refreshed and confident, with a clear plan that is manageable and easy to implement and can be measured and assessed as needed.

Small things that matter

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“Over the two years that I’ve had Jacqui as a coach, I have developed in so many ways. Through Jacqui’s support, I have gained confidence and self-belief, and I am amazed at what I’ve achieved in my relationships and my career”

— Michael

“Thank you for the 2 inspiring days of discussions. I can already see some shift in the way staff are interacting. I had 2 meetings today, one with an individual staff member and another with a team. It was good to see the change in the questioning styles and reflection! All staff seem to have got something out of it, but the most benefit seems to be for the ones who had the individual sessions with you as well.”

— Rana Dibley, Manager, Hunter Prelude

Jacqui Snider

Occupational Therapist,
Workplace Culture Coach & Trainer
Phone: +61 411 235 556

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