As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out, more practitioners are needing to invest time and resources into the sustainability and growth of their businesses and workplaces.

Through my personal experience working as an Occupational Therapist and Team Leader in Early Childhood Intervention, I am able to genuinely relate to, and understand, the issues facing practitioners, educators and families in a very practical way.

Working in a variety of settings from Mental and Community Health, in schools and Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) to Private Practice consulting, I coach Early Intervention Practitioners and parents to work in true partnership with each other to achieve the best possible results for the child.

By providing an engaging, creative approach and presenting information that is relevant, highly practical and motivating, I show you how to take control of your situation and reach your goals.

The Coach Approach Program

The Coach Approach Program is delivered in a series of two-day workshops in which practitioners and leaders explore ways to adapt to the increasing productivity demands of the NDIS fee for service model, while facilitating the development of a Growth Mindset that will empower you and your team to work both productively and with authenticity.

These workshops explore:

  • Changing to a new service delivery model
  • Work practices
  • Money
  • Being an advocate for your organisation
  • Supporting parents

Foundation Coach Approach Workshop

Coaching, thinking and doing

A practical, highly relevant, and engaging workshop for early intervention practitioners that provides a foundation for successful coaching.

Next Step Coach Approach Workshop

Best Practice Coaching Model Training

Explore a structure for coaching families that focuses primarily on family goals and outcomes. Refine your skills in using effective coaching conversations to promote competence and confidence in your clients. It is highly recommended that participants complete the Foundation Workshop first.

NDIS High Performing Practitioner Workshop

Working effectively within the NDIS fee for service model

With an ongoing and increased expectation of efficiency and productivity, Practitioners need to be equipped with contemporary and relevant tools to effectively manage their output. This workshop will explore ways to optimise efficiency whilst still focusing on providing a quality service to families.

Please contact me for details about upcoming Coach Approach workshops.

“I found your course very worthwhile, to say the least. In fact I think I would be bold enough to say it is the most inspiring and motivating course ever attended. This course has challenged my thinking, my methodology, and my perspective, bringing clarity to the link of the key worker with my own professional training, and most importantly an approach fostering empowerment of the family, with respect to the individual construct of that family. Thank you for sharing with us and I look forward to ongoing coaching!”

— Louise, Occupational Therapist

“I am so excited! A family I had seen twice before, slight change of approach using coaching – expert coaching – coaching. I felt session went well and yesterday I got the most beautiful text from them with a video of what they were now doing with their baby. They are doing so well now and I believe your input really helped in our interaction. Thank you”

— Sharon, Educator

“Working in Early Childhood Intervention is so complex, and with that staff have to deal with complex issues. I see the training you have given us today – with being able to have true listening skills, understand the family’s perspectives and understanding the constructs we come from – these skills are going to have a resounding effect within our practices.”

— Susan, Early Childhood Intervention Manager

Jacqui Snider

Occupational Therapist,
Workplace Culture Coach & Trainer
Phone: +61 411 235 556
Email: jacqui@jacquisnider.com.au

Jacqui Snider

Occupational Therapist,
Workplace Culture Coach & Trainer
Phone: +61 411 235 556
Email: jacqui@jacquisnider.com.au

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