Sometimes life doesn’t go smoothly. Personal challenges and periods of rapid change can unsettle us and leave us feeling lost and confused.

Through my Coaching Practice, I help leaders, practitioners, educators and parents bring new personal insights and clarity to life’s challenges and transform them into growth and learning over time. I have a keen interest in the strategies people employ to motivate themselves to achieve the outcomes they wish for, and have extensively studied the theory and practice behind this aspect of human behaviour.

My Workplace Coaching focuses on leadership, communication and building trust.

My Disability and Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) Coaching focuses on building confidence and competence in practitioners and parents.

Please contact me to discuss how my transformational coaching can help you grow and thrive.

Small things that matter

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“Jacqui has helped me to nut out particular issues, address the best ways to deal with them and to create and achieve step-by-step goals. I am extremely comfortable with Jacqui and very satisfied with the outcome of the sessions.  I highly recommend people do coaching with Jacqui.”

— Amy, Parent

“I have found that I have been more mindful during visits and more aware of the words I use so that I don’t jump in straight away but allow for space and reflection.”

— Melanie, Practitioner

Jacqui Snider

Occupational Therapist,
Workplace Culture Coach & Trainer
Phone: +61 411 235 556

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