How the Coach Approach Helps You Master Telepractice

Using the Coach Approach can help you and the families you treat achieve real outcomes in the virtual world. In this article I discuss how coaching is best practice for early childhood intervention practitioners especially when delivering services via telehealth.

You Are What You Think and Do

Adopt the concept of accountability, it will change your thinking and outcomes forever. Driving into action out of your own choice and not because you have to, can make all the difference. Here is my 5-step process to keep you accountable.

The Gift of Sitting in the Feedback Hot Seat

Giving and receiving feedback are both high level communication skills that take significant learning and practice, just like any other skill. Being a coach, I am all about self-reflection and learning. It wasn’t until I found myself sitting in the feedback hot seat at one of my trainings, that I was reminded of the challenge of being on the receiving end of “constructive feedback”.

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